Uncorking November.

November has been a whirlwind of wine-filled adventures and accomplishments!

One of my significant steps towards inclusivity within the wine industry was signing a movement supporting the diversity and equality act within the Australia Grape and Wine community. It’s heartening to see the industry taking positive steps towards creating a more inclusive and equitable space.

I’m thrilled to announce my role as an Associate Judge for the International Wine Challenge (IWC). Being part of such a prestigious competition is an honor, and it aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence in the world of wine.

The recognition didn’t stop there; I’ve also been nominated
for the IWSC Emerging Talent and Wine Communicator Award. This prestigious award acknowledges seasoned wine communicators making exceptional contributions to the industry. Fingers crossed for the upcoming announcement in October 2023!

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, my Pays d’Oc article recently went live for Dutch Wine Apprentice. For a taste of the Pays d’Oc wine region, I embarked on a shopping safari with Harold Hermersma in Utrecht, Netherlands, exploring three different wine stores. It was an enlightening and enjoyable afternoon, discovering and taking home our favorite Pays d’Oc wines.

Adding to the global conversation about wine, I contributed
articles to Glass of Bubbly. One article explores the nuances of English Sparkling Wine, while the other dives into the world of Pays d’Oc for Dutch readers. Feel free to check them out; I’d love to hear your thoughts!

As part of my continuous learning journey, I attended the Amsterdam Bulk Wine Expo (WBWE). It’s a remarkable gathering, serving as the international trade fair for the wine business, where wineries, distilleries, and international buyers converge. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover a significant portion of the world’s harvest in just two days.

Exciting news for “Wine Not? By TWvA” enthusiasts: we’re now on Tasting Book, the world’s largest fine wine media and social community. This platform is trusted by thousands of wine professionals and wineries worldwide, offering an unbiased, ad-free, and non-commercial space for wine enthusiasts.

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Cheers to a November filled with enriching experiences, new connections, and, of course, exceptional wines!

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