Decanting December.

This is the last month of the year which means the last blog of 2023! Here is what I got up to this December.

I’ve recently become a member of Grape Loop—a vibrant online community linking wine professionals worldwide. Within this digital haven, we exchange contacts, share industry insights, and keep each other in the loop about exciting events. If you are a wine professional looking to connect further with professionals in the industry, sign up today!

One highlight of my month involved delving into the online realm of the Beverage Trade Network, skillfully hosted by CEO Sid Patel. Patel generously shared crucial insights on navigating the intricate landscape of the USA beverage market, leaving me both captivated and understood the niches of the US beverage market.

The articles I wrote this month was a festive one for Glass of Bubbly, exploring the joyous celebration of Christmas down under with Sparkling Australian Shiraz. The piece delves into the unique traditions and the love for this unconventional bubbly during the holiday season. Give it a read here!

Through Grape Loop, I had the pleasure of connecting with Jessica Waugh, the visionary behind JWaugh Education and Neurosips. Where her mission is to enhance participants knowledge, assist with the pursue of passions, and navigating certification studies on ones beverage journey. I had the pleasure to write a couple of articles for her this month, which were Chalk Soils in England and also The Science and Taste of Wine.

Later in the month I received an invitation to the press screening of the world’s most expensive wine in the world by Wine Masters. The documentary unfolds the gripping tale of Loïc Pasquet and his wines, Liber Pater, now priced at a staggering $30,000 per bottle. For those intrigued, you can catch the documentary through my affiliate link here.

Venturing into collaboration, I’m excited to enhance wine experiences with Wine Fantasy Barcelona in Catalunya. From elegant tastings in Barcelona to vineyard visits in the Catalonian countryside, their aim is to make wine exploration a seamless and delightful experience for visitors whilst educational. At Wine Fantasy, their expertise are in local and regional ensuring customers savor the most exciting selections of Catalan wine.

Shifting gears to Australia, I’ve applied to be a mentor and mentee at the Wine Communicators of Australia—a fantastic initiative supporting and inspiring future generations of wine industry professionals. The program, boasting Australia’s most respected leaders, offers mentoring across various aspects of the wine industry.

Being currently in the Netherlands, I’ve connected with the dynamic duo behind 2 Island Wines, an Australian wine import business. With a knack for recognizing exceptional Kiwi and Aussie wines, they distribute to renowned establishments, importing directly from Down-Under vineyards. They are a go-to for great Australian drops here in the Netherlands.

On the creative front, I’ve unveiled a sneak peek of WineDownStudio—a collection of wine-themed lounge wear. Five percent of proceeds go to female-focused wine initiatives, supporting women in the wine industry. The full launch is organised for early February, available on my website and Etsy, then. So stay tuned.

As the month concludes in the Netherlands, my wine adventures will soon transport me back home to Australia next month. I hope 2023 has been kind to you all and hope you all to enjoy popping some fantastic sparkling this New Years! Here to a cracking 2024! 🍷

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