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Teri Wheeler

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Teri Wheeler, a storyteller who spins captivating tales around the world of wine, transforming them into remarkable journeys. Coming from the heart of Australia’s wine culture, Adelaide, I’m not only a seasoned wine enthusiast but also an accomplished hospitality expert. Throughout my 12-year journey, I’ve orchestrated experiences that revolve around sips, swirls, and narratives, leaving a mark of enchantment.

My exploration of vineyards reads like a well-crafted novel. I’ve played the role of Merchant Success Manager at Vivino Australia, a charming Wine Ambassador at Penfolds Magill Estate, and held pivotal managerial positions at other Australian wineries. Armed with a Double Diploma in Business and Travel & Tourism Management, alongside the soon-to-be completion of a Level 4 Diploma in Wines from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, I stand as a recognized authority in the field.

Upon my move to Amsterdam in 2022 for a year’s stint, my palate and literary prowess caught the attention of the wine publication “Dutch Wine Apprentice.” As a WSET educator, I’ve shared knowledge with enthusiasm, resulting in consistently high Honours grades among my students. My proficiency as a prolific wine writer lies in my ability to engage and captivate, much like the uncorking of a cherished bottle. Within the realm of wine academia, I stand as a true leader.

I have also collaborated with The European Wine Academy and brought it to Australasia. It is located in Adelaide and offers multiple courses focused on the European wine world. You can contact me directly if you wish to inquire and enroll. I also write and create educational study support programs for Neurodivergent wine students as part collaboration with JWaugh Education, contact me directly if you wish to know more. 

Furthermore, I engage in a partnership with Wearing Memories Wine Merchants, an outstanding wine merchant based in Australia that exclusively features exceptional fine wines sourced from France and Italy, all curated by a team of talented women. Additionally, I serve as a subcontractor for various wine and wine related agencies, leveraging my extensive network to facilitate the entry of their wines into both the Australian and global markets. Contact me via my contact form to find out more. 

Furthermore, I am a Wine Ambassador and Women in Wine Leader for the Wine International Association in Australia and a Associate Judge for the International Wine Challenge. 

Behind the scenes, I’m the visionary who transforms wine-related dreams into realities for businesses and wineries across the globe. From my roles as a wine examiner and tutor at esteemed wine academies to curating e-commerce platforms for online wine ventures and showcasing exceptional talent in wine data management, I emerge as an indispensable figure in the wine industry.

Whether you’re in search of a wine connoisseur, a hospitality consulting star, or an e-commerce virtuoso, I bring boundless passion and expertise to manifest your vinicultural aspirations. With my guidance, every bottle becomes an exciting adventure. Secure my services now and unlock a world of endless possibilities!

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